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The photobooth of the International Burlesque Circus

dress up and get photographed at the Burlesque Circus photobooth!

dress up and get photographed at the Burlesque Circus photobooth by Stecor Photography

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Monsters in Pyjamas edition:
- 27th October 2018 -

Creatures of the Night edition
by Luc de Dooij + Mickael Björn:
- 28th October 2017 -

Masquerade edition:
- 27th May 2017 -

Kings & Queens edition:
- 25th February 2017 -

Santa & his Girls edition
- 17th December 2016 -

Outer Space edition
- 1st October 2016 -

Welcome to Womderland edition
- 21st May 2016 -

Old Hollywood Glam edition
- 13th February 2016 -

Los Muertos Halloween edition
- 31st October 2015 -

Dutch edition
- 4th July 2015 -

Exotic Sensations edition
- 18th April 2015 -

Wicked Wedding edition
- 31st January 2015 -

Freaks & Geeks edition
- 24th October 2014 -

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